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We'll Build a Church Website that Your Members Love

Expand Your Reach, Engage Your Community, and Enhance Your Impact with a user-friendly website that looks great.

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Embracing Technology for Your Ministry, Effortlessly

At Umbrella Creative Co, we understand that pastors and church staff are dedicated to serving their congregation, not managing websites and technology. Our mission is to handle your digital needs, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - your ministry and community.

Church Giving Portal Desktop

Our Simple Yet Powerful Digital Solutions

Simplified Online Giving

  • Effortless Donations: We integrate a straightforward and secure online giving system, making tithes and offerings easier for your congregation.

  • Flexible Giving Options: Enable members to make one-time donations or set up recurring giving, supporting your church's financial stability.

Live Streaming Made Easy

Wider Reach: Share your services live, connecting with members near and far, including those unable to attend in person.
Interactive Engagement: Enhance your live streams with features like live chat, making your online services a community experience.

 Church Giving Portal Mobile
Livestreamed church preacher

Engaging Content with Podcasts and Blogs

  • Spread Your Message: We help you set up and manage podcasts and blogs, allowing you to share sermons, teachings, and inspirational messages beyond the pulpit.

  • Connect with a Global Audience: Extend your ministry's reach, offering spiritual guidance and insights to a broader online community.

Church Podcast
Church Connect Card

Digital Prayer and Connect Cards

Nurture Community Bonds: Implement digital prayer request forms and connection cards, fostering a sense of belonging and support among your congregation.
Engage Newcomers: Make it easy for new visitors to learn about your church, get involved, and request more information.

Church events

Event Management and Marketing

  • Seamless Organization: Comprehensive tools to plan and manage church events, from small gatherings to large celebrations.

  • Effective Promotion: Tailored marketing strategies to ensure your events are well-publicized and reach the right audience, enhancing attendance and engagement.

Why Choose Umbrella?


Focus on Ministry, Not Technology:

We take care of all the technical aspects, from website design to digital content management.


Customized for Your Church:

Our solutions are crafted to reflect the unique spirit and needs of your ministry.


Congregation Growth:

Through a strong online presence, including live streaming, engaging content, and digital outreach, we help you connect with more people, fostering congregation growth and community building.

Ongoing Support and Guidance:


Our dedicated team provides continuous support, ensuring your digital platforms are effective and up-to-date.

One Complete Marketing Package for Church Growth

Streamline Your Church's Digital Operations with a new website, starting at $1,299*

Custom Website Design
Mobile Optimization
Basic SEO Setup
Initial Content Creation
Integration of Social Media and Analytics

Then Partner with us for Growth

After setting up your website, elevate your business with our Growth Plan. This monthly subscription provides ongoing support and a suite of services to keep your digital presence strong.

Unlimited Website Design, Changes, & Updates
Unlimited Website Management
Unlimited Marketing Expert One-on-One's
Dedicated Account Manager
Regular Performance Analytics Reports
Weekly Sermon Slides

Google Ad Grant Management

Business Owner

How it works

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Step 1: Get Started

Sign up for a free one-on-one consultation to discuss and better understand your Church's needs and challenges.

Boost Congreation

Step 2: Boost Your Brand

Start making requests. From eye-catching graphics to website updates, we cover all your digital design needs. Plus, get expert advice on enhancing your online presence.

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Step 3: Grow Together

As your business evolves, we're here to provide continuous support and strategic guidance, helping you stay ahead in the competitive market.

Empower Your Ministry's Digital Outreach

Discover how Umbrella can enhance your church's connection with its community through our specialized digital services. From engaging websites to impactful social media presence, our solutions are crafted to resonate with your congregation and beyond.

Embrace the opportunity to expand your ministry's reach. Let's explore how we can collaborate to bring your vision to life.

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